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College Admissions Scandal

Before the explosive college admissions scandal fades from the news, Jonathan hopes his progressives friends will recognize that inequalities go far deeper than the actions of a handful of unscrupulous rich people. College admissions are rigged from the age of two and three when wealthy parents spend as much as $40,000 to put their kids in exclusive pre-schools that are called “The Baby Ivies,” while millions of poor kids of color are denied even a single year of Head Start. The rigging continues in the wildly unequal resources, dangerous and often lead-infested buildings and punitive agendas in thousands of urban schools where independent thinking is suppressed by humiliation rituals and robotic practices that rob poor children of the opportunity to reach for the stars, while children in our privileged communities are treated to all the riches of the world.

Some of you may want to take a second look at Jonathan’s books “The Shame of the Nation” and “Savage Inequalities,” in order to understand the organized betrayal of any pretense of a honest meritocracy. Jonathan’s next book, which is nearing completion, will point to the heavy-handed corporate invasion of our schools as the ultimate assault upon democracy.

Your thoughts about our dual system are welcome. Please comment below to share them.

- From Jonathan’s Team in Cambridge

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