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Jonathan Kozol

JONATHAN KOZOL received the National Book Award for Death at an Early Age, the Robert F. Kennedy Book Award for Rachel and Her Children, and countless other honors for Savage Inequalities, Amazing Grace, The Shame of the Nation, and Fire in the Ashes. The final and culminating work of his career is now nearing completion.


Jonathan remains one of the nation’s most eloquent and outspoken advocates for equality and racial justice in our nation’s schools. Now, more than ever, as school inequality and racial segregation have mounted to the highest levels we have seen in many decades, Jonathan argues that it's time at last to batter down the walls that have locked the children of the Black and brown and very poor into seemingly eternal separation from the mainstream of American society. 

A Message for Jonathan's Loyal Readers

Jonathan has a powerful new book in the works for activists and teachers. He's been holding his fire since the pandemic, but not for much longer. The book is scheduled to be published in the spring of 2024. 

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Jonathan's Conversation with Noam Chomsky

Jonathan and Noam Chomsky recently had a fascinating talk about racist education and social class injustice in the public schools. To see their 90-minute conversation, click the link below.

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School Segregation and the

Manufacture of Juvenile Consent

Jonathan recently gave a scathing lecture on racist education and the intolerable suppression of the independent thinking of poor kids

of color, which Jonathan calls the manufacture of juvenile consent.

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