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Jonathan Kozol

JONATHAN KOZOL received the National Book Award for Death at an Early Age, the Robert F. Kennedy Book Award for Rachel and Her Children, and countless other honors for Savage Inequalities, Amazing Grace, The Shame of the Nation, and Fire in the Ashes. The final and culminating work of his career is now nearing completion.


Jonathan remains one of the nation’s most eloquent and outspoken advocates for equality and racial justice in our nation’s schools. Now, more than ever, as school inequality and racial segregation have mounted to the highest levels we have seen in many decades, Jonathan argues that it's time at last to batter down the walls that have locked the children of the Black and brown and very poor into seemingly eternal separation from the mainstream of American society. 

A Message for Jonathan's Loyal Readers

Jonathan's long-awaited book, "An End to Inequality," was published at last on March 12. Jonathan's fans and readers are already placing orders to obtain the first copies off the press.

Three early comments:

“For over fifty years, Jonathan Kozol has been calling

our attention to the gross injustices perpetrated

against children in our nation’s racially separate and

unequal schools. Now, in An End to Inequality, he

reminds us that when children lose, we all lose, and

our futures are imperiled. Thank you, Jonathan, for

once again bringing your compassionate voice and

critical perspective to this shameful American

dilemma.” —Pedro Noguera, dean, School of

Education, University of Southern California

“In An End to Inequality, Kozol has relentlessly

confronted an unfiltered reality. Why, after all these

years, do millions of Black and brown children

remain in segregated schools where squalor and

dysfunctional facilities degrade them intellectually

and physically? For Kozol’s transformative proposals,

I urge you to read this jolting book.” —Ralph Nader,

Center for the Study of Responsive Law


“Heart-wrenching examples and astute

argumentation. . . . This is Kozol at his best.”

—Bob Peterson, founding editor, Rethinking Schools

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A beautiful tribute to Jonathan's new book, "An End to Inequality," appeared in The New York Times on March 14. See the article here.

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A Q&A with Jonathan about his book appeared in Education Week on March 20. Read this powerful interview here.

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Among the many interviews with Jonathan in the days preceding the publication of his book, we hope that teachers were able to see his conversation with Rethinking Schools in which he launched a scathing attack on the mania of testing.

Ralph Nader did a  fascinating interview with Jonathan about his book on The Ralph Nader Radio Hour, which airs on YouTube.

To hear the podcast, listen here.

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Check out Jonathan's recent interview with the Appleseed Network here.

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Listen to Jonathan's interview on Here and Now and read an excerpt of his newest book, "An End to Inequality" here.

Praise- End Inequality

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