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Jonathan Kozol has dedicated nearly his entire life to the challenge of providing equal opportunity within our public schools to every child, of whatever racial origin or economic level. One of the most widely read and highly honored education writers in America, he visits as often as he can with children and their teachers in the classroom. When he’s not with children, Jonathan is likely to be found at colleges and universities speaking to overflow crowds of undergraduates and future teachers. He’s a strong critic of obsessive testing on high-stakes standardized exams, and he speaks with passion in defense of the creativity, autonomy and dignity of devoted teachers.

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To find out about having Jonathan visit your college or community, please contact Kate Pruss Pinnick,, 708-497-9473. Or contact Jonathan and his staff at


The Education Action Fund, a nonprofit charitable foundation, has been providing assistance to many of the children and adults portrayed in Jonathan’s books and to others living in impoverished and racially isolated sections of our cities.

As these individuals struggle to afford food and housing, a small amount of money at a time of need can frequently prevent a minor setback from escalating into the kind of financial emergency that disrupts a child’s education or a young person’s college education or draws a family or an individual deeper into destitution. We’ve given help to people of all ages, including a gifted poet in an inner-city neighborhood who is in her later years and lives at the very margin of survival.

Readers of Jonathan’s books have contributed to the fund for nearly forty years. Their donations have always been and continue to be gratefully received.

Contributions may also be sent to:
The Education Action Fund
16 Lowell Street, Cambridge, MA 02138.